Google Code-In 2014
Task Preview
Playerd: Wiimote Calculate DistanceCopyleft Games Group

One of our Google Summer of Code students (Mayank Singh) wrote a basic XOrg input driver for Nintendo's Wiimote based on a Linux wiimote driver by David Herrmann (another GSoC student).

The wiimote has a built-in IR camera that can be used in conjunction with the wii sensor bar to track where the wiimote is pointing relative the screen. These lights have a fixed distance from each other but appear closer together when the remote is closer to the screen or pointing from an angle.

Modify the input driver to track both IR lights (where it currently only tracks one) and calculate the remote's angle/distance from the screen so the pointer can track where the wiimote is pointing with a higher degree of accuracy.

To take this task you'll need:

  • Nintendo Wii Remote
  • Nintendo Wii IR Sensor Bar
  • xf86-input-wiimote driver compiled and installed

While working on this task you should join and remain in #CopyleftGames on Freenode to get help, feedback, and guidance from mentors and other developers - especially mayanks43. Code updates which may affect your work are also announced here as they happen.

As you complete each piece of this task (the code compiles), commit your work and post the resulting changeset url to this task. Remember to hg pull -u often and before every commit to minimize change conflicts.