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    Campina Grande, PB Brazil
    Android and Python Developer
    Amaury works at Embedded Lab (programmer)
    Amaury can help you with Python and Android tasks
    Amaury was mentor in GCI 2012 and student in GSoC 2011


    Salt Lake City, UT USA
    PySoy Developer
    Anthus works at Instructure (programmer)
    Anthus can help you with any Copyleft Games task
    Anthus was mentor in GSOC 2014 and GCI 2011-2013


    Washington, DC USA
    PySoy Developer
    Arc works at home (programmer)
    Arc can help you with any Copyleft Games task
    Arc was mentor in GSoC 2005-2014, GHOP 2007, and GCI 2011-2013


    Vancouver, BC Canada
    PySoy Android Expert
    David works at Fortinet (programmer)
    David can help you with building for Android
    David was GCI Grand Prize Winner 2010, GSoC mentor 2011, and GSoC student 2012 working on PySoy for Android


    New York, NY USA
    Graphic Design and User Experience
    Nikkiana works at NBC/Universal
    Nikkiana can help you with art, documentation, user interface, and web design tasks
    Nikkiana was GCI mentor 2011-2013


    Portland, OR USA
    Python Expert
    Terri works at Intel
    Terri can help you with Python tasks
    Terri was mentor in GSoC 2007-2014, GCI 2012-2013